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How does it get any better than this?


Individual Counseling

What if counseling is an investment in yourself?

So often we interpret that who we are supposed to be is someone for everyone else. Counseling is about putting that principle to the test, and embracing the gifts of time, space, and energy for you. 

I specialize in guiding individuals who have identified that they are different. Whether that is your gender expression, your drug and alcohol use, your behavior, your relationship etc. Being different has not been a celebration, but what if it could be? My counseling style focuses on celebrating the strength that you already are, and helps you identify the gift of your difference in this world. You set the tone, the pace, the goals, and the frequency.

I serve individuals of all races, creeds, colors, sexualities, genders, relationships etc. My practice offers understanding where none existed, and acceptance for all that you are. Contact me today for a 30 minute consultation!

Helping Hands

Access Bars

Access Bars was founded by Gary Douglas in the 1990s. The practice centers around 32 points of relaxation on the head. It has been described in the following way "At worst it will feel like a great massage, at best it can change your life."
Access Bars offers you the chance to gift and receive simultaneously. Isn't it great when you can get a gift AND give one at the same time? Access Bars is the gift that goes both ways and keeps on giving. 
Are you ready to try something you haven't considered before?


Groups and Workshops

Cost may Vary

The possibilities are endless at Anahata! Right now we have some amazing groups and workshops being offered. 

Suggestions for future Groups and Workshops are always welcome. Please send me any ideas or needs you might have in my contact section. 

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