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What Would Allow Counseling to Sh0w Up with Ease?

People view counseling like they view a Mechanic. Your life is the car, and the Counselor is the mechanic.

Most individuals come in and say "you gotta help me! Something is not working!", and the counselor looks under the hood, diagnosis the problem and tells you what it is going to cost to fix it.

What if counseling wasn't a cost to fix? What if counseling were seen as an investment in yourself? In my practice I am re-defining counseling as an investment in creation with yourself. My whole life I was told I had problems that needed fixing and I often felt like a piece of junk, "who would want me with all these problems?" I thought. In today's current reality I feel like counseling views clients as something that is missing a piece, or not quite whole, but what if you had all the pieces in the first place? You are the gift your life has been waiting for, and if you are willing to begin to acknowledge that I wonder what else is possible?

I love questions, so here are some questions to get you thinking about Counseling in a totally different way!

What are you willing to receive from Counseling?

What have you judged about Counseling, that if you stopped judging it would create a different possibility?

What have you defined your problems as? Are you willing to receive something totally different?

What fun and enjoyment can you have in the adventure that is your life?

Where have you decided you are not worth the cost of counseling?

What would it take for counseling to create something greater in your life?

What conclusions, expectations, projections, judgements, and limitations have you defined as your problems that if you didn't have them would allow for a life of total ease?

Are you willing to have more of YOU?

What have you defined your addiction as, and used it as a reason why you cannot be greater?

What Magic can you be to change your situation?

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