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Groups and Workshops

What else is possible?

YOU-nicorns Unite!

There are a lot of places that being LGBTQIA+ has been judged. Where are you being judged? And are you ready to stop judging you for the difference you are? Join me in a weekly group for those who identify with LGBTQIA+ and talk more about embracing all of you. 

I identify in the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ and embrace all genders, sexualities, relationships etc. This is not a place for individual work. If you would like individual sessions please contact me through this website for more information.


Women's Group

This is not your average group of Women. Join me at Anahata Counseling and explore the gift of being a woman. Have you ever been made wrong for being a woman, and how many judgements do we have of what being a woman is? In this group we will explore the joy of Women and so much more. Contact me Here

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